5 Cool Tech Gadgets on Amazon – Under £50!

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– Hey guys! What’s going on? My name is white  and welcome to white devil! This is something that I haven’t done in awhile and something that we are going to start bringing back to Tech Flow, so drop a likeon the post if you are looking forward to this.

 This is “Top 5 Tech” under 50. Let’s get straight to it. Now, spoiler alert, we do have some reallyawesome pieces of tech to show you guys, all under 50. We’ll link all those products down below. If you guys have seen anything online that you think is really cool and could be involved in one of your Top 5 tech episodes, please comment down below and alsocomment down below to say what your favourite item is from today’s top 5 because you couldbe entered in to winning it.

 Let’s kick this off with the Hcman mouse mat. It’s a perfect size, it has great metal finishingson it, it looks very in keeping with a modern desk and it’s also touch compatible to changethe LEDs by placing your finger on this fingerprint pad right here in the middle. Clicking on it lets you cycle through numerousdifferent colours or turns it off altogether and it is well worth noting that the Hcmanlogo in the bottom corner does light up. 

And it also has a fair chunk of weight toit as well. It feels like a sturdy product. If you’re wanting a mouse mat with a littlebit of RGB accent lighting to go along with your set up, and you want to do it on thecheap with a lovely braided cable, I wouldn’t look much further than this. Now this is something that I’ve been usingon my outside gate for over two weeks now and it’s been working really, really well. And trust me, when I picked this thing up,I thought it was going to be really, really bodge. And in fact, this thing is that good thatit’s the second one that I’ve bought. You get an instruction manual in the box,you get a micro-USB cable and then you get, well, the lock itself.

 This is a padlock that scans your fingerprint. Essentially, to set this thing up, it’s anabsolute breeze. You download the app on your phone and youlog in with a username and password and then once you’ve gone ahead and downloaded theapp, it comes with a QR code in the box that is tied to your lock and you then scan thatcode. Now you can go ahead and with the in-builtBluetooth, go ahead and unlock the lock. It’ll say “connecting…” on the screen andthen the lock will go ahead and unlock. And then on the phone screen, once it’s unlocked,it will also give you an at-a-glance battery percentage so that you can make sure thatyour lock isn’t running out of battery. Mine has stayed on 100% for the lastthree weeks now.

 Now, it doesn’t stop there. As well as unlocking this little thing witha Bluetooth connection from your phone, it also has a fingerprint scanner on the frontof it. So now, essentially, it’s unlocked. It just works and I thought that this wasgoing to be a gimmick that wouldn’t work. It works. Now the most expensive item by a considerableamount, but still under our £50 price budget, is this little projector. Yeah, a projector, for £50. Now this thing does look like a little bitof a toy with these big, thick, mushy buttons on the top and this focus finder on the lefthand side and that’s because it sort of is a toy but hold on a second. 

This projector is aimed at kids, mainly because,well, they won’t really be too fussed about the image quality. Now you can’t expect miracles from a projectorthat’s under £50 but it really did get me thinking. If you simply go to Amazon and type in “monitor,”after a little scroll, one of the cheapest ones that I’ve found on here is this AOC monitorfor £54. It’s still more expensive than this. Now, you have lots of ways of connecting into this mini projector on the side. Well, this is what I’ll be using. It has a full sized HDMI port so you can literallyplug this thing in to your laptop or your phone or your computer. Essentially anything which has HDMI. 

And it shows up as a 720p display. Now, I don’t think it even warrants the 720ptag because the quality from this thing really isn’t that good but it’s doable. You can plug a computer in this and with apitch black room at your disposal, you can have a fairly large image for the small priceof, well, under £50. I don’t think there’s another product on themarket that will let you do that. It also has a micro SD slot in the back ofthe projector, so you can chuck on a couple of films, give it to your kids and let themwatch away and you can also plug in a set of headphones on here and it also includesa remote and different bits and bobs like that. 

One thing to note though – no battery insideof this; it does need constant power via the included proprietary power cable. But still, a full on projector that fits inthe palm of your hand for under £50 – can’t really complain. Now I couldn’t not include this little devicein the top 5. This is probably one of the cheaper ones here,coming in at under £20. This is a WiFi security camera. Now I’m not going to drivel on too much aboutthis little camera because I’ve already gone ahead and done a dedicated video on this thingbecause it is the best security camera for under £20 that money can buy. Essentially, it’s a little WiFi camera thathas night vision. 

It sends you push notifications to your phonewhen it either sees and/or hears something. It’s powered by micro-USB on the back of it,so you can actually power it up in a remote location with a battery bank. It has a couple of little gimmicks like twoway audio and you can live view it from anywhere in the world as long as the camera and youhave an internet connection. For the last few weeks, I’ve been lookingat my little puppy with this thing and it’s been really useful at notifying me when thepuppy is barking and/or just letting me have peace of mind, to make sure that he’s okayby live viewing him on the camera.

 All in all, I think this camera is absolutelyawesome. I can’t rave enough about it and they canadd more to this thing with software updates in the future. So, go ahead and use the link in the descriptionand buy one of these before they get more and more expensive because, trust me, theywill. They will get more expensive. I’d pay over £50 for this thing. If this thing was over £50, I wouldn’t grumble. But it’s not, it’s £19.99. Security camera on the cheap.

 Okay guys so coming in last, but not least,we have this Bluetooth speaker that I actually bought my girlfriend two weeks ago and thisis another one that I bought myself, just because I think this thing looks really niceand I want to put it in the office, or just put it somewhere on display and I mean, heck,I’m probably not even going to use it. This is a Bluetooth speaker. As you guys can tell, it has four independentdrivers on the front here and I bought this for my girlfriend because it looks super,super nice. She has it up on her mantelpiece at home. 

This thing looks that nice that I wish theyhad put this control pod on the top of it on the back of the speaker, just so that it’sa little bit more hidden but then I suppose people would complain that it’s not very accessible. But on here, you have the mode button, fivevolts in for charging, a 3.5 millimeter input jack for listening to legacy devices and thenyou also have a micro SD card for listening to music on one of those and obviously, thisthing has Bluetooth inside of it too.

 You have volume up and down buttons, playand pause and then you also have a power button and, yes, it has a built-in microphone too. And as you guys can hear, this thing as wellas looking awesome, sounds pretty good too. (Music) Now, this thing definitely looks better thanit sounds. If you’re wanting a Bluetooth speaker to haveexceptional sound quality, this isn’t where I would be looking but then again, if you’rewanting a speaker that has excellent sound quality, you probably want to spend a littlebit more than £50 but yet again, if you’re on a budget, you want something that looksnice and has a half decent sound quality for the price, this is really, really good. 

The thing is, because it’s so large, it hasa huge chamber inside of it so the low end, in this low-priced speaker, is quite adequate,whereas with cheaper speakers, they’re a bit smaller, they don’t have the volume of spaceinside of them and the bass usually lacks, and I hate a track without bass in it. So this, well, it gets my approval anyway. But there you go guys, those are 5 tech itemsthat I’ve been using in my life this month. All under £50 and things that I’ve actuallythought: That’s pretty good and I want to tell you guys about it. I’ll drop all of the links in the description. Remember to drop some comments down belowwith your favourite item, in the hope of winning one of them, but for now my name’s been Alex, this has been TechFlow and we’ll see you in the next one. Adios. 

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