Solar Power Plants | The Next Big Thing?

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    Solar Power Plants

    You are watching whitedevil blog. Welcome to another Coldfusion post solar power plants

    In this post we’re going to take a look of a state-of-the-art in Solar power plants energy generation

    Specifically solar power plants this may seem like an odd idea

    But it’s really been picking up steam in the last two years or so.

    In this post we’ll take a look

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    just completed the world’s largest floating solar power plant, and it’s now operational This is kind of strange

    because China was once seen as the World’s largest polluter,

    but now maybe they’re cleaning up their act.

    The plants built by Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer Sun Grow floats in water two to ten meters deep Interestingly

    this plant was built on an old coal mining site

    that has been filled

    with rainwater

    Let’s SEO

    Because of the mining activities the water there is otherwise mostly useless

    The Advantages of such a plant is that no land needs to be cleared and

    the water also provides ambient cooling for the plants environment?

    Reducing long-term damage from heat. The downside it’s only 40 megawatts of power output.

    Solar Power Plants

    For comparison Australia is building a 330 Megawatt

    land-based solar power plant and a 650

    How to Solar Power Plants?

    Megawatt One is

    Being built in India

    But if you want to take a look at the world’s largest land-based

    solar power plant it all circles back to China

    They have a whopping 1,500 megawatt solar power plant and

    for those of you wondering one Megawatt can Power Roughly 400 homes

    So let’s zoom out on our perspective here a little bit

    How do the largest solar power plants compared to the largest nuclear power plants?

    Solar Thermal Power Plant

    Here’s a general table of all the nuclear power plants over 1,000 Megawatts

    As We can see they range from about 1,000 megawatts all the way up to almost 7,000 So

    we can say solar power plants are about half the average here So let’s take a look at coal.

    The average here is a little higher Maybe three to four thousand Megawatts,

    so the solar plant output is a bit under half here

    So this is very interesting a lot of people usually laugh or

    a very skeptical of solar power But as we can see the largest solar power plant

    already has half or just under half the energy output of the average large-scale coal or Nuclear Power station

    What’s more about all of this is that if you look at the years in which these solar power

    plants are


    It’s all mostly been happening in the past two to three years. This is all very new stuff So what this means is that at this point?

    The technology is at its worst efficiency And the most primitive it will ever be solar

    power plants are only going to get better from here on.

    Alright, so this sounds all pretty good But what about the energy storage

    solar power plants

    how do you store the received energy from the sun to use at night? Well, there’s a couple of options.

    Floating Solar Power Plant

    You should go down the battery road with the implementation of a new use for an old

    technology specifically battery packs like Tesla’s power packs

    They of the utility scale battery packs that

    are used in

    California and

    also used to currently power entire Islands in Hawaii from Solar Power

    With this method the off demand storage issue could

    be solved For power plants

    that use solar thermal energy directly storing excess energy in Molten salt

    is also a solution one of the more interesting methods i’ve heard

    of is a little experimental

    it involves storing energy within rock cavities such as mountains

    using pressure a Friend of mine who I met at the St.

    Gallen Symposium is doing this with his company, Alacaes I’ve already briefly mentioned him in my europe video

    But we’ll be doing a video together on this technology.

    It’s pretty interesting stuff This experimental method could be a future solution to the off-peak energy problem with power plants

    that are in suitable geographical locations Another problem

    with solar is that obviously when it’s

    smudged or


    cloudy you’re hardly going to get any power from the sun? for this reason solar power plants are probably going to be a Complementary

    solar power plants

    technology to take the strain of the main power grid until

    energy storage solutions get perfected So

    I know as some of you would be thinking what about the pollution caused

    by the actual production of solar panels well as it turns out the amount

    of environmental damage caused by the production is totally dependent on who’s creating the solar panels in the first place.

    Solar Power Station

    The environmental impact ranges from virtually nothing all the way to pretty devastating in places where environmental consideration isn’t a priority

    The main Risk comes from the chemicals used Fabricating solar panels requires chemicals such as sodium hydroxide hydrofluoric acid and

    Carbon Tetrachloride Which can all lead to dangerous waste byproducts?

    according to studies done by Stanford and the us government most of the dangers

    from Solar panel Manufacturing come from upstream in the supply chain

    this is where the raw materials are

    being treated In other words.

    It’s most dangerous for the actual workers which

    using the panels however if

    regulations are followed. It is a safe work environment

    But the big question is that with China being one of the world’s biggest solar panel?

    Manufacturers are they following the proper workplace and environmental regulations? In the past a Chinese firm was caught

    dumping toxic Solar panel waste into a river

    While this was a few years ago and since then from the limited data received

    China is getting much cleaner in the production pipeline It still raises some questions.

    At this point it really is up to the integrity of the

    firms to make sure that they’re doing the right thing

    The safe recycling of old solar panels is also an emerging industry with Australia leading the way So

    on this point if companies obey regulations and solar panel recycling becomes commonplace

    We could have a future with true clean energy on a large scale without waste.

    World Largest Power Plant

    It sure, isn’t the final destination and clean energy whether it’s rapidly becoming a valid Stepstone So why have these solar

    plants only been coming online in the past two to three years?

    Well in a video that I did a while ago on solar I did mention that

    there was a rule similar to moore’s law called Swanson’s

    Law It’s a rule of thumb about

    how quickly the price of panels will drop in relation to time the cost of Solar panels
    are dropping Rapidly and will continue to do so so right now and in the future.

    It’s enabling mass-scale Solar panel production So there you have it, the strange world of solar power plants

    What was once completely unfeasible due to cost is now becoming a silent trend in the utility energy generation marketplace? What are your thoughts?

    Do you think this is the right way to go and a valid step towards clean energy

    or do you have some reservations?

    Against it let me know your thoughts in the comment section

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