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    IT Company-Shriyali: Good afternoon Sir. Interviewer: Good afternoon. Have a seat. Shriyali: Thank you, Sir. Interviewer: Tell me about yourself? Shriyali: My name is Shriyali Aggarwal. I am from Varanasi. I have done my schooling in Varanasi. Now I am pursuing B.Tech with CSE Branch from Krishna Engineering College. Interviewer: Why should we hire you? Shriyali: Because I think I am a good organizer, a team player, and a hard-working girl. Basically, I am a good learner. So, I think I can adjust myself in any kind of surrounding and learn whatever technology you need or whatever you expect from me. Interviewer: What is the difference between a hard-worker or a smart worker?

    Shriyali: Hard worker works hard but may not think about the output he is giving on time or not, but the smart worker manages all the time and also give output on time. Interviewer: According to you, a smart worker is a good or a hard worker? Shriyali: We can’t judge it, sometimes smart work is required and sometimes hard work, but most of the time, I would prefer smart work. Interviewer: But you said you are a hard worker. Shriyali: Sir it’s one of my weaknesses and I am trying to cope with that. I have improved a lot also.

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    Interviewer: As a fresher, how do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience? I mean how can you be a good employee for us? Shriyali: Sir, as I mentioned I am a good learner, I like to learn new things with interest, so I think I can prove myself with better qualities, whichever qualities you need. Interviewer: But what if you have a deadline for a project and as you said that you are a hard worker, but you need to do that work in a deadline, so you would be taking more time? Shriyali: No Sir, as I said I have worked a lot.

    Nowadays I am doing both. I am working smartly, not like before. So now I will learn fast and quickly and will complete my task on time. Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Shriyali: Sir, obviously I will seek some promotion and will be with more responsibility from now. Interviewer: Would you lie for the company?

    Shriyali: Sir it depends on the situation. Interviewer: What are your weaknesses? Shriyali: I was a hard-worker but now I am a smart worker. Interviewer: So you are suppressing your ability of hard work, as you said you were a hard worker, but now you are a smart worker. What if you need to go back to that condition and do the hard work?

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    Shriyali: Sir that quality is in-built in me and I am trying to do that hard-work on time, that’s called smart working. Interviewer: You said you are a smart worker, can you give one example where you have worked smartly? Shriyali: During my college fest, when I was a coordinator in the designing team, I not only worked hard but also smartly and did the various activities and completed my task on time.

    Interviewer: So is it smart work or hard work? Shriyali: Both, as we were working in a team, so me and my team members all worked together and tried to give various options for the same thing. Like, if we want to make a circle, we used to trace that circle and from one circle, we could make many circles. Interviewer: What kind of decision would be more difficult for you to take while working? Shriyali: To lie to someone or to say no to someone.

    Interviewer: So, what if you have a condition that you must say no to someone, otherwise it would affect the reputation of this company, would you lie or cheat in that case? Shriyali: No sir, I will not cheat anyone, also I will try my best that I should not lie. Interviewer: So how would you do that best, because 2 minutes back you said you will lie depending on a situation?


    Shriyali: No Mam, if it is going to affect my company’s status, Mam depending on who is right and who is wrong. Interviewer: You know that if your company or your boss is trying to, or asking you to speak a lie, so you are in a situation where you must speak lie for the benefit of the company.

    If you are aware of the previous cases that have happened in the industry, right? Because the truth will come out definitely, one day. So don’t you think if you speak lie today for the benefit of the company, who will be responsible if, after 5 years, your company will be in trouble because of your lie? Shriyali: No Mam, in that situation I won’t. Interviewer: So how would you know what is the situation? Suppose your boss says that you must speak a lie, otherwise you will be fired.


    Shriyali: Mam I would prefer leaving the company then lying. Interviewer: Are you sure? Shriyali: Yes sure. Interviewer: So what do you think, how your interview is going so far according to you? Shriyali: Good. Interviewer: What if we hire your best friend but not you? Shriyali: Sir you are the judge right now, you know better who deserves the most.

    I will be happy for her and will learn from my mistakes. Interviewer: What is the newest thing you have learned? Shriyali: C language. Interviewer: What can you do for us that others can not? Shriyali: Sir I will do my best and will give my best wholeheartedly. Interviewer: Can you stay back in the office after 6 PM? Shriyali: Yes. Interviewer: Till 9 PM? Shriyali: Yes. Interviewer: Can you travel across the country? Don’t your parent have any problem with that? Shriyali: No, my parents are comfortable till I am comfortable.

    If I am not comfortable, they will not be. It is my decision. Interviewer: So, they won’t mind you staying out from your home for a long time, if I send you to Chennai for 1 year, they won’t mind? Shriyali: No. Interviewer: So, would you like to ask any questions? Shriyali: No Mam, Thank you. Interviewer: Thank you.

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